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An extension of the best 53 minutes of the school day


Vocabulary Quiz

This Friday, October 17, we will have a vocabulary quiz over Group 2 words.  You will find them in the previous post.

Good luck!


Vocabulary Group 2

1st, 5th, and 7th

vacant (adjective) – empty

comply (verb) – to go along with; to do what is asked or ordered

manhandle (verb) – to treat someone roughly

criticize (verb) – to point out what is bad about someone or something

warrant (noun) – a document, or piece of paper, that gives a police officer the right to do something, such as arrest a person

intricate (adjective) – complicated

vicinity (noun) – the area around a certain place

majority (noun) – the most of a group

moderately (adverb) – to a limited degree

habitual (adjective) – regular; usual; done out of habit

2nd, 3rd, and 6th  ”Think”

acknowledge (verb) – to recognize

dissuade (verb) – to turn from using advice or persuasion

fathom (verb) – to understand or to probe

incline (verb) – to persuade

muse (verb) – to think or meditate

perceive (verb) – to become aware of or observe

ponder (verb) – to reflect on or think about carefully

probe (verb) – to explore thoroughly

realize (verb) – to understand clearly

resolve (verb) – to decide



Vocabulary: Group 1

Today, you will create a presentation that teaches the first group of vocabulary words.

You will create a slide for each word that has the following:

  • The word
  • A definition for the word
  • An original sentence using the word
  • A picture that illustrates the word

You will have a total of ten slides (one slide per word).

The list of words is found below.

1st, 5th, and 7th periods

  1. eavesdrop – to listen secretly to a private conversation
  2. coincidence – a situation in which two or more events that seem related accidentally occur at the same time
  3. policy – a guideline for actions or decisions
  4. withdrawn – shy, quiet, or unsociable
  5. vile – very bad; unpleasant; foul
  6. deprived – taken away; removed
  7. passionately – enthusiastically; intensely
  8. simultaneously – at the same time
  9. maneuvered – guided with skill and design
  10. lapse – interruption; pause

2nd, 3rd, and 6th periods

  1. admonish – to exhort or caution
  2. allege – to assert without proof
  3. assert – to state confidently, without need for proof
  4. beseech – to beg
  5. conjure – 1) to call as if by magic, 2) to imagine, 3) to call a devil or spirit
  6. emphasize – to place stress on
  7. haggle – 1) to bargain over petty issues or 2) to dispute
  8. retort – a quick or sharp reply
  9. signify – to mean or to imply
  10. warble – 1) to sing with trills or 2) to yodel


The Hero’s Journey

Use this online tool to create your own epic tale.



School Song Quiz

Oh Kaufman Lions Forever

Firm Together Stand

Comrades True and Faithful

Steadily We’ll Face the World

So Fearlessly

And Through The Years to Follow

We’ll Pledge Our Loyalty

For the Black and Gold

With All Our Soul

We’ll Fight for VIC-TO-RY!


Paws to Claws


Last night was Meet the Teacher. We called it “Paws to Claws.” It’s a Kaufman thing.

Many came out to pick up schedules and shake hands with teachers. Next to the first day of school, it’s my favorite day of the new year.


Salty Oats


Nothing broke my teacher heart more than when I realized the following:

My students hate to read and write.

That is a generalization, of course, because I have students who have learned to enjoy the written word. But by and large, most assignments are met with collective moaning and groaning.

Today, I am amending the aforementioned truism to read as follows:

My students hate being forced to read and write.

I’m reminded of the words of my dear friend and youth pastor

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. However, put salt in his oats and that sucker will drink anything you present.

I want my lessons to be filled with salty oats. Creativity adds salt. I don’t want my lessons to be boring. Boring lessons do not make students thirsty. Quite frankly, boring lessons don’t make me thirsty either.

I bought a creative writing journal that is refreshingly salty. Hopefully, my classes will find it salty, too.


The Golden Ticket

Parents, I have sent home the permission slip needed for your child to go on the “Divergent” field trip to Hometown Cinemas in Terrell.  Please sign and have them returned with $4.00 before March 7 to guarantee a spot for your student.



My Big Campus

top_header_bar_mbclogo@2x-6cce8a247747d6acad1eeed9246703e9Today we took the vocabulary quiz (I didn’t have a class meet last week’s challenge) on the social website “My Big Campus.” MBC has been available for a few years and I have used it on occasion but never really implemented it to the fullest.  Partly because not all students have internet access at home, but it seems more and more students have smart phones (and yes, there’s an app for that).

Perhaps I’ll use it more often.




Vocabulary Quiz Challenge

I have raised the stakes of this week’s vocabulary quiz.  Any class that has all students making a 100 on the quiz will be exempt from any future vocabulary quizzes.  ”May your grade reflect your preparation.”