Things Overheard In Class

When students are coming in the room or working in groups, they say some things that I would love to know “the rest of the story.”  I have listed just a few of them here:

  • “I haven’t done anything wrong…yet.”
  • “Her ear is as red as yours.”
  • “He’s a knight in arming sharmour.”
  • “I’m bringing planking back.”
  • “You’re Mark the Stork?”
  • “I’ll plagerize you.”
  • “I found a forest on my desk.”
  • “Let’s take her head off.”
  • “Ewwww! You ate it?”
  • “My speedo goes up to my chest.”

I would bet any of these lines could make a great story.  Have you heard anything out of context that made you laugh?

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