This week marks the third week of the six weeks and some students have some work to do.

I graded everything that was given to me on Friday, October 16.  That was the day everything was due.  If your student has a zero, they have until Wednesday to get it to me.

I gave all students the opportunity to correct their work and improve their grades.  They need to get all corrections to me before they leave on Wednesday, October 21 since benchmarks are taking up the last two days of this week.

Most of the mistakes that were made were minor and can be corrected.  I believe grades should be an indicator of where students are in their learning.  If they are learning, the grade should reflect that.  Learning from their mistakes is a critical life skill.  Some mistakes in life cannot be erased.  However, mistakes in punctuation on a take home page can be, as long as they put forth the effort to do the corrections.

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

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