Reflections on the First Week

2016/2017 is already bigger than any year I have had.  More students are part of the Awesomeness than previous years, and I cannot wait to see all that they will accomplish together.  We have already jumped into “Indelible Moments” and will be writing those down for future generations.  I have to confess that I am always emotional during the “Indelible Moments” lesson because of the moments I will never forget:

  • My first day of Kindergarten and my first friend, Joel, who wore a Tony the Tiger t-shirt and read aloud for me
  • My first crush
  • The birth of my children
  • Victory
  • Defeat
  • Life
  • Loss

Share those moments with one another.  More importantly, share them with your loved ones.  Chances are, they make up most of your “Indelible Moments.”

One thought on “Reflections on the First Week

  1. That’s the kind of stuff I want filtering into my kid while at school. Teachers and adults who care more about her life than just the content. Content will come and will mean more when she can connect to it as she grows. Those, “THAT’S what Mr. James was talking about!” moments.

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