Student Blogging Challenge

This is the first year my classes will participate in the annual Student Blogging Challenge.  The goal is to start online conversations with students of the same age and interests around the world.  We have worked for the past six weeks getting ready for the challenge.  It is finally here and we are learning how to use the blogs we have worked so hard to build.

New tasks are posted every Sunday.  Students can select one or all of the tasks to complete.  They submit links to their finished works on the Student Blogging Challenge website for other students to find and comment on their completed tasks.  The goal is to have global conversations that are meaningful and constructive while learning how to live in a digital world.


Check out my students’ blogs on the right hand side of this page.

4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Dear Mr. James,

    Hello, there Mr. James our class has been doing EduBlogs for about three years now. I think it’s a great way of communicating with other bloggers around the world. I hope you have fun doing EduBlogs this year.

    From, hmscaden

  2. Hi Mr. James

    Hi my name is Holly and l love doing challenges. I love the challenge and l might do it with my family.
    I love love gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ I came first in nationals.
    I em so curious to do eny challenges.
    I wider what is going to be the next amazing change?
    What has been your favourite challenge?
    From Holly to Mr. James

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