Spirit Bear Test

Over the weekend, I have decided to offer corrections for the Spirit Bear test.  The average grade was a 64.  More students failed than passed.  That usually means something is wrong with the test, so it would not be fair to the students to let the grades stand as they are.

Students have the opportunity to improve their scores by creating their own questions.  On a sheet of paper, they will write questions and answer choices for each question.

Each one they write correctly will give them four points added to their existing grade.  If they are happy with their grade, they do not need to do anything.  All questions need to be submitted before the end of the day Friday (September 2).

I am sorry if the test results caused any grief at your house over the weekend.  Perhaps this alternate assignment will ease some anxiety.

Feel free to ask me any questions and thanks for having great kids!


Vocabulary – Group 3 (PreAP only)

The quiz will be this Friday (October 31).

Formidable (adjective) – powerful

Foster (verb) – to nurture or encourage

Intensify (verb) – to sharpen or strengthen

Invincible (adjective) – cannot be conquered

Ponderous (adjective) – 1) very heavy or 2) lifeless and dull

Prowess (noun) – superior strength, skill, or bravery

Replenish (verb) – 1) to replace or 2) to stock up

Robust (adjective) – strongly built

Stringent (adjective) – tight, strict, or rigid

Ultimate (adjective) – maximum

Vocabulary Group 2

1st, 5th, and 7th

vacant (adjective) – empty

comply (verb) – to go along with; to do what is asked or ordered

manhandle (verb) – to treat someone roughly

criticize (verb) – to point out what is bad about someone or something

warrant (noun) – a document, or piece of paper, that gives a police officer the right to do something, such as arrest a person

intricate (adjective) – complicated

vicinity (noun) – the area around a certain place

majority (noun) – the most of a group

moderately (adverb) – to a limited degree

habitual (adjective) – regular; usual; done out of habit

2nd, 3rd, and 6th  “Think”

acknowledge (verb) – to recognize

dissuade (verb) – to turn from using advice or persuasion

fathom (verb) – to understand or to probe

incline (verb) – to persuade

muse (verb) – to think or meditate

perceive (verb) – to become aware of or observe

ponder (verb) – to reflect on or think about carefully

probe (verb) – to explore thoroughly

realize (verb) – to understand clearly

resolve (verb) – to decide


Vocabulary: Group 1

Today, you will create a presentation that teaches the first group of vocabulary words.

You will create a slide for each word that has the following:

  • The word
  • A definition for the word
  • An original sentence using the word
  • A picture that illustrates the word

You will have a total of ten slides (one slide per word).

The list of words is found below.

1st, 5th, and 7th periods

  1. eavesdrop – to listen secretly to a private conversation
  2. coincidence – a situation in which two or more events that seem related accidentally occur at the same time
  3. policy – a guideline for actions or decisions
  4. withdrawn – shy, quiet, or unsociable
  5. vile – very bad; unpleasant; foul
  6. deprived – taken away; removed
  7. passionately – enthusiastically; intensely
  8. simultaneously – at the same time
  9. maneuvered – guided with skill and design
  10. lapse – interruption; pause

2nd, 3rd, and 6th periods

  1. admonish – to exhort or caution
  2. allege – to assert without proof
  3. assert – to state confidently, without need for proof
  4. beseech – to beg
  5. conjure – 1) to call as if by magic, 2) to imagine, 3) to call a devil or spirit
  6. emphasize – to place stress on
  7. haggle – 1) to bargain over petty issues or 2) to dispute
  8. retort – a quick or sharp reply
  9. signify – to mean or to imply
  10. warble – 1) to sing with trills or 2) to yodel

School Song Quiz

Oh Kaufman Lions Forever

Firm Together Stand

Comrades True and Faithful

Steadily We’ll Face the World

So Fearlessly

And Through The Years to Follow

We’ll Pledge Our Loyalty

For the Black and Gold

With All Our Soul

We’ll Fight for VIC-TO-RY!

Coming Up….

We have been enjoying “The Giver” in class and there is still a lot more to come.  The next vocabulary quiz will be Wednesday, January 29.  The words can be found here.

I am looking forward to the next novel we will study together.  It’s a secret for now because I am waiting to get all my ducks in a row.  Watch for more information as the ducks line up.

Vocabulary Quiz

The next vocabulary quiz will be Wednesday, January 22.  The quiz will be over “List Two” (original name, I know) and can be found by clicking here.

Students will need to study these words outside of class.  The quiz format will be matching and should not take more than a few minutes to complete.

Good luck!

Essay Assignment

Today, we wrote an 11 Minute Essay about the following truism:

“Nobody gets along all the time.”

On Tuesday, October 29, students will turn in a final draft of the essay with the following criteria:

  • Is 250 words or more
  • Has AAAWUBIS sentences
  • Properly used Star Point words
  • Must be handwritten
  • Neat, with minimal corrections or scratch outs

It needs to be handwritten because we are practicing for the upcoming STAAR writing test.

I am looking forward to seeing all the progress my students have made since the beginning of the year.