I was in the Lair of my school, on the volleyball court, waiting for my friend April to come out of the locker room. I was standing there impatiently yelling her name, when she finally came out. she was wearing her black shorts and P.E. shirt. She had the volleyball in her hand. this meant we were going to play volleytennis. I love to play volleytennis. It is so much more fun than volleyball. Then the rest of the teams came out and we began. We were doing good, my team was winning. Then I was going for the ball, and ran SMACK into the net. I fell down and blushed a deep red before I stood up. For the rest of the game whenever somebody smiled in my direction I thought they were making fun of me. It was not a good game. But I did finally get over it. I realized that worrying over what other people think was pointless and stupid. The next game I was ready and eager to play.


watch out!

It was December Friday 2009, I came home rushing through the door of my house because of the terrible day I had to do a ton of homework, I hade no recess because it was raining, and then the last and worst thing we hade to do a project for science class. my assignment was to build a skyscraper or a house, of cores I went with the skyscraper because I thought I just hade to color a large box and call it a skyscraper. later in the day I tolled my mom about the project so she told me to get started with it right away. When I was finished with the catastrophe I showed it to my mom, suddenly I saw it tilting, and so I shouted watch out! I ended up getting a good grade at the end because my dad helped me but my mom is still mad about what hade happened.

Big Sister’s Wedding

I was at the Victorian House for my sister’s wedding on April 7,2012. Instead of loosing weight to fit into her wedding dress she gained weight. She struggled a lot until we finally got her into it. My mother I guess had a feeling this would happen, so she asked the lady ahead of time to not alter the dress so tight. Finally we all walked in and saw my beautiful sister walk down the isle. The couple said their vows and they were officially married. Everyone in my family love to party and dance so we did until 11:00p.m. When we went home we all met at my house and looked at old pictures. I learned to cherish every single moment because they only come once in a lifetime, and kids like me grow up fast.

scorpion nightmare

At Mexico, in my grandmother’s house, the sun rose and filled the room with sunlight. I woke up from the uncommonly comfortable padded floor only to wake up by my nightmare. Right by me was a scorpion looking thing but instead of a tail it had a needle. I quickly rose off my bed and went to where my mom was sleeping and woke her up. We both yelled and my grandpa came to the front door. Later he came with a heavy metal stick, and he squashed the beast. From there on I learned to watch out for dangers in a house in the middle of the wilderness.

my dog died

Me and my uncles were going to my uncle’s ranch to get bull to where he had other cows to hang out with them.My dad told my uncle to get the truck connected with the trailer so, he went and got them connected. While he was doing that my dog had to do his business and I took him out. My uncle was getting the trailer to the bull, and my dog was doing his business. My uncle didn’t see him and he got ranned over. When I came out of my house I saw him laying there dead. I was about 8 and I started crying, I told my dad to burry him once I came out he was gone already.

Pain in the backside

I was at my grandparent’s house, when I saw everyone outside having fun. They were doing flips and other tricks. After I got outside, my dad climbed on top of the house, and did a backflip off of the edge. He landed really hard on his feet and hurt his back. At first everyone laughed, until they realized that he was kind of in pain I felt so bad for him. Then I started to laugh again, that is once he announced that he was okay (I’m not that rude). the lesson I learned is to never do a backflip off of a house.

The Dog Who Ran Away

On one morning, I woke up with a happy mood. I got out of bed to look for my dog Rex, a Chihuahua. I looked all around for him. I asked my mom if she had seen him and she said to look in the backyard, but he wasn’t there. So we both went out to look for him but we couldn’t find him. We asked all of the neighbors if they had seen him and they said to look at the pound so we did, no luck. We drove off into town to look for him and he wasn’t there. We were really sad that he had ran away.

Graceful Moments

On the day of my sister’s wedding were some memorable moments. This was my silly big sister that has always been a goofy person. She had her wedding at the Victorian House, a beautiful place to have a wedding. As I entered the cottage, where she was getting her dress tied, I saw my gorgeous sister turning around showing the bridesmaids her dress. I broke into tears of joy. My silly sister who wore jeans and slacks everyday was wearing a wonderfully beaded, flowered dress.  She saw me tearing up and walked to me as she said, “Aww sister!” she gave me a hug and started tearing up. Growing up as kids when one cried the other cried as well. We dried up our tears and in that moment I had flashbacks of our memories together.

get a life bro

I was taking with my best friend at school. After walking for awhile I said “Hey, so how life been so far and are you still living in that old house?” He said “Well, it been ok so far I guest and yes I’m stilling in that old house still.” “Well you need to get a life before something happen to you man.” I said. Well he didn’t agree with me on that one so, we got into a argument and he got mad so he walk off. I told him to come and we can talk about this but, he just kept walking until I couldn’t see him at all. Well I learned to just still out of other peoples life.

cottonmouth snake

Ok, so I was in my dad’s car at his work. My mom was in her car next to me. My cousin, brother, and friend were in the car with my mom. I was by myself listening to music. Then, I look to my left in the side mirror of the car, and I saw a snake. It looked about 3 or 4 feet long. I was freaking out rolling down the window and yelling my to my cousin. It rolled down the window and said, “what.” I told him there was a snake and I looked back and it wasn’t there. We both got out and saw it under a car 20 feet away. That means Its fast. So, we checked what time it is to see if my dad was off work or not.